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Marmosmart, Marmoker, and Onici. The marbel effect Tiles you need to consider.


Casalgrande Padana’s porcelain stoneware is as precious, long-lasting, and beautiful as marble, which the ancient Greeks called “shining stone”. Now, Casalgrande Padana’s three new collections – Marmoker, Marmosmart and Onici – are giving a new twist to the timeless charm of these iridescent surfaces. Each tile feature multi-shaped veining in different colours, which create a unique marble effect that brightens any setting.

Outstanding technical features and the vast array of colours, sizes and surfaces make marble-effect porcelain stoneware perfect not only for tiling floors and walls but also for covering bathroom and kitchen countertops and furnishings, such as wall units, tables, coffee tables, and shelves. This material is extremely versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors, in private homes, public spaces, or even luxury boats alike.

Large porcelain stoneware tiles and the new 90x270 cm format allow for sparser joints compared to smaller tiles, thereby adding visual impact. Their appealing textural effects make them the ideal choice for both large architectural projects and residential settings.


Marmoker: the precious colour effects of marble

The new Marmoker range recreates the shades, veining, transparency, texture, shine and nuances of marble, giving a new twist to this material, each tile of which is unique. This wide range now includes new shades: the timeless charm of Calacatta Extra, Titan White, and Canova, with the same classic veining on a white background that ignited the creativity of Tuscan master sculptors; the delicate shades of White Musk, Fior di Pesco, and Oyster Grey; the brighter tones of Caribbean Green, Brown Forest, and Night Storm; the contrasts between Orange Black and Rosso Francia, and the darker shades of Ossidiana.

The range includes 44 textures, 12 sizes (from 29.5x59 cm to 160x320 cm), 3 thicknesses (from 6 mm to 10 mm), 3 finishes (natural, honed and polished), and a sophisticated array of colours. This way, architects and interior designers can unleash their expressive potential and creativity and explore the new frontiers of luxury and create settings with a strong visual impact.

Tiles from the Marmoker range are elegant and sophisticated, perfect for indoor and outdoor flooring and wall coverings. They can be used in residential buildings, large commercial settings, public buildings, urban furnishings, and even the most demanding modern buildings.


  • Marmoker Amb Giallo Striato Travertino Nocejpg  1200x0 Q80 Crop Subsampling 2 Upscale
    Flooring: Marmoker Travertino Noce Coverings: Marmoker Giallo Striato
  • 1800x1274 Marmoker Amb Cc2 Night Storm Calacatta Extrajpg  1200x0 Q80 Crop Subsampling 2 Upscale
    Flooring: Marmoker Calacatta Extra Coverings: Marmoker Night Storm
  • 936x423 Marmoker Amb Statuario Grigio Grafitejpg  1200x0 Q80 Crop Subsampling 2 Upscale
    Flooring: Marmoker Grafite Coverings: Marmoker Statuario Grigio


    Marmosmart: the smart porcelain stoneware

    Casalgrande Padana’s Marmosmart collection expands the intense and precious naturalness of marble-effect surfaces through harmonious shade contrasts and bright colours bathed in light. The perfect solution for new floor and wall compositions.

    Marmosmart porcelain stoneware tiles recreate a selection of the finest marble with deep veining and intense shades that enhance their sophisticated beauty and uniqueness. The range includes 9 textures, 3 finishes and 6 sizes (from 29.5x59 cm to 90x90 cm, plus the new large tiles (90x270 cm) with a 6 mm thickness. The richness and variety of the veining enrich any setting with harmonious shades making classic and contemporary style meet.


    • Marmosmart Amb Pietrasanta Marquina Dett 3jpg  1200x0 Q80 Crop Subsampling 2 Upscale
      Marmosmart Pietrasanta
    • Casalgrande Padana Collection 2020
      Marmosmart Statuarietto
    • 936x423 Marmosmart Amb Tivoli Vaglijpg  1200x0 Q80 Crop Subsampling 2 Upscale
      Flooring: Marmosmart Vagli Coverings: Marmosmart Tivoli


      Onici: the beauty of light reflections

      The Onici collection has been designed to enrich the array of Casalgrande Padana marble-effect porcelain stoneware collections and satisfy a transversal demand for style, bringing elegance and magic to all surfaces, and enhancing contemporary and classic spaces. With their sophisticated colour variations, play of light and shadow, and iridescent reflections, Onici tiles add dynamism to any space while ensuring top performance.

      The range includes six textures inspired by the beauty of quartz, a natural material which forms the basis of onyx (hence the name Onice). These porcelain stoneware tiles recreate the classic shades of marble with a contemporary twist.

      The polished finish enhances the shine and timeless elegance of the surface while the excellent properties of porcelain stoneware ensure versatility, making this material suitable for any setting and any style, whether contemporary, classic, chic,sophisticated, or industrial. Onici tiles are made of high-performance porcelain stoneware. They are also available in the large Kontinua version, whose size and thin thickness enhance the iridescent colours and shades of natural stone.


      • Onici Amb Onice Biancojpg  1200x0 Q80 Crop Subsampling 2 Upscale
        Flooring and coverings: Onice Bianco
      • Onici Amb Onice Bianco Onice Quarzojpg  1200x0 Q80 Crop Subsampling 2 Upscale
        Flooring: Onice Ghiaccio Coverings: Onice Quarzo


        Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware: sturdy, versatile, environmentally friendly and sustainable

        Their high performance and multiple composition options make our collections the ideal solution for interior and exterior floors and coverings in any sector, including residential and commercial buildings, high-traffic settings, such as schools, offices, restaurants, hospitals, and any location, urban furniture and restoration works.

        Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles are completely recyclable. They do not contain plastics, they are fire-resistant, and do not release harmful substances, not even in the event of a fire. Moreover, they can be easily laid in any setting and on any surface; they are low-maintenance, easy to clean, hygienic, non-allergic, odourless, and antibacterial.

        They are guaranteed for life and are long-lasting, unalterable, non-absorbent, and inert. They are also resistant to flexure, frost, and aggressive chemicals (except for hydrofluoric acid). Whatever the latitude, Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles do not fear temperature fluctuations, do not warp, and ensure high mechanical strength, thereby remaining unchanged over time.



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