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Unique, innovative new flushing technology is the bathroom equivalent of the invention of the jet engine.

The AquaBlade® flush technology according to Ideal Standard is the most significant development since the invention of the flush toilet in the 19th century. The exclusive and patented technology offers the best superior flushing performance ever, even at low water volumes.

The AquaBlade® system uses an innovative ‘Microslot’ technology, which is a newly engineered system of channels to create a cascading wall of water from the top of the toilet bowl opening and, two powerful plumes to energise the flush action.

Unlike existing flushing systems where flushing water does not cover the entire toilet bowl – the AquaBlade® integral Microslot technology gives optimum water flow from the top of the bowl on every flush and covers every inch of the ceramic, keeping the toilet bowl immaculately clean.

It is also surprisingly quiet because all the flows are streamlined with the bowl surfaces which reduces turbulence and maximises flushing efficiency. AquaBlade® technology sets new standards in both toilet design and optimum flush performance – the smooth, gently curved surface with no overhanging rim also means it is much more hygienic and as easy to clean than any other toilet currently available.

In traditional modern toilets, approximately 20% of the bowl remains unwashed after flushing, with the back “dirty zone” of the WC in particular typically not washed properly. However, AquaBlade® washes 100% of surfaces beneath the slot, and cleans every part including the back of the WC, ensuring you can enjoy a pristine bathroom. The unique design, with no over-hanging rim, sees all surfaces exposed making it easier to clean.

Providing the ultimate combination of style and performance, the strategic location of the Microslot channels higher up the bowl not only ensures best flushing performance ever, it is also designed with aesthetics in mind – and uniquely with AquaBlade® when the toilet seat is down, the often unsightly “rim” of the toilet becomes invisible, ensuring a more beautiful looking WC.

AquaBlade 1 02
AquaBlade 2 02
AquaBlade 3 02

When compared with the leading rimless toilets, this beautifully smooth design also greatly reduces splashing during the flushing process; therefore less bacteria cross-contamination occurs as fewer bacteria particles are released into the air upon flushing of an AquaBlade® WC.

Francesca Cheli, Group Product Director, Ideal Standard International BVBA, said: “At Ideal Standard we combine our expertise as global bathroom market leaders to bring an innovative approach to challenges; and bringing meaningful, insight-driven innovation to a toilet is by definition a challenge in itself.

“We refuse to accept that a high-performing flush system can’t look beautiful and our brand new AquaBlade® flushing technology not only offers best class performance, but outstanding aesthetics – and that’s what we love as it embodies everything we stand for. AquaBlade® is truly revolutionary invention, a milestone in the history of toilets and a game-changing innovation that moves our industry forward.”


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